Center Day Camp’s Leaders in Training program for rising 10th graders (15 year olds) is a fun and structured program in which each participant strengthens their leadership and communication skills and deepens their level of self-awareness over the course of the summer. We ask LIT's to commit to four weeks minimum at Camp. They spend the first week with a specific age group, the second with a different age, the third with a specific activity, and then the fourth week will be based on the needs of each individual LIT. As part of the ongoing process, LIT's do some goal setting, observation, and reflection. We do LIT “love niches“ where they get to sit with peers and share their experiences with a variety of different staff members, including our Camp Director, heads of camp, and activity leaders. We work to create training opportunities geared specifically to individual interests, experiences, and developmental level. Our goal is to have all LIT's become counselors in future summers. Feel free to contact us for more information at cdc@mainejewish.org or register today!