DATES AND RATES - Summer 2020


- Base Rate: Each week at CDC is $360, with transportation included

- Non-refundable Deposit: $50 per week 

- Family Payment Plan: Equal monthly payments from January 15th - May 15th 



- Sibling Discount: 5% off each additional child after the first, once other discounts have been accounted for.

- JCA Membership Discount: 5% off - discount is not automatically applied and the family must contact JCA to verify membership. 

- Multi-Week Discount: We structure our program to be accommodating to a range of summer schedules, and understand that sometimes, one week at camp at a time makes the most sense for families. We have also seen how longer stints of two, four or more weeks can allow a camper to solidify friendships and learn amazing new skills over the course of a summer, and we encourage families to consider spending several weeks at camp by offering the following multi-week discounts:

  • 2 weeks: $10 discount

  • 3 weeks: $20 discount

  • 4 weeks: $55 discount

  • 5 weeks: $70 discount

  • 6 weeks: $100 discount

  • 7 weeks: $125 discount

  • 8 weeks: $190 discount

  • 9 weeks: $255 discount

Feel free to run your dates through our rate calculator here: Rate Calculator

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