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Welcome to Center Day Camp

Center Day Camp fosters a strong sense of belonging and connection. All are welcome, and everyone at camp is valued and celebrated. Counselors stress kindness, respect, and character in everything that they do. Our grounding and history as a Jewish camp means that our program offers a unique focus on universal values like integrity, honesty, responsibility, caring for one another, and for the earth. We are a child-centered program that seeks to support campers as they build confidence, make new friends, explore new interests, discover their abilities, and learn new skills.

2022 Camp Dates:

Session 1:

June 21st -July 8th

Session 2: 

July 11th -July 29th

Session 3: 

August 1st - August 19th


Entering Kindergarten & 1st Grade


Entering 2nd & 3rd Grade


Entering 4th & 5th Grade


Entering 6th & 7th Grade


Entering 8th & 9th Grade

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