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Daily swim lessons and lake access are the highlight of the CDC experience. Our goal is for campers to leave at the end of the summer with a range of new skills and a love for Sebago Lake.



Whether it is canoeing, kayaking, sailing, or stand up paddle boarding, the waterfront activities are a favorite of all our campers. Trips to lollipop island bring back campers year after year.

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Organized games on our beautiful fields and courts give campers the chance to learn the rules of gameplay as well as develop teamwork and healthy group competition. 



Campers have fun learning the fundamentals of archery while practicing and perfecting technique under the supervision of a certified archery instructor.

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Creative Arts

Art at CDC takes many forms. Each week involves working with different media -  including painting, drawing, pottery, jewelry, collage, tie-dye, crafts, and much more under the guidance of our art director and counselors.


Performing Arts

Campers who love to sing, dance, or act will want to be part of our summer production. Those seeking a behind-the-scenes role will also have fun; cast members create play sets and collaborate on costumes and backstage management.

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Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure is about respecting the earth. This program involves learning outdoor skills like preparing a campsite, cooking over a fire, and understanding the benefits of nature and a clean environment. Older campers will have the opportunity to take overnight offsite trips to Camden, Acadia, Rafting, and surfing on Cape Cod.

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Israeli Culture

Each summer Israeli shlichim (ambassadors) come to work as members of the Center Day Camp staff. These carefully selected, highly trained young adults bring Israel to life at camp. Our Israeli counselors enhance each campers experience by giving them a personal connection to Israel and helping to infuse Israeli culture into CDC.

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Color Games

Color Games is the ultimate experience at camp. It takes the most exciting and the most fun aspects of the summer and combines them into a one week event. Color Games is also an incredible challenge. It will test your endurance, character, teamwork, sportsmanship, and creativity.

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Mountain Biking

Campers have fun learning the skills of mountain biking while getting to explore the surrounding trails on our beautiful 27 acre property. This program is under the supervision of an experienced biking instructor.

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Our newspaper program is designed to engage campers of every age as writers, interviewers, and interviewees. The dedicated staff helps to guide our young journalists to explore the daily activities at CDC and keep our community updated.

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Animal Care

This program incorporates the animals in our care to help campers grow emotionally and socially. Campers participating in this program are engaged, compassionate, and knowledgeable toward the animals at CDC.

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